Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Set to Feature Semia Dunne at Annual Art in Bloom Exhibition & Master Class Event

PROVIDENCE, RI, April 24, 2024 – Award-winning floral designer Semia Dunne will be the keynote speaker and featured master class designer at this year’s Art in Bloom exhibition to be held from April 26-28. Dunne is the founder, president and creative director of SEMIA, one of the nation’s leading floral design firms located in Providence, Rhode Island. Art in Bloom is an annual celebration where the enchanting synergy between art and nature takes center stage. The exhibition features 45 floral arrangements that are inspired by MFA art and created by New England–area garden clubs and floral designers. Local professional designers have also donated an additional seven large floral installations around the building.

“I am delighted to be part of this extraordinary event that seamlessly weaves together the beauty of flowers with the allure of fine art,” remarked Semia Dunne, founder and president of SEMIA.

In addition to experiencing Dunne’s stunning creations, guests will have the opportunity to participate in two Master Class workshops that she will lead. Attendees will delve into the intricacies of floral design as they craft their own botanical masterpieces using an array of spring florals, gaining invaluable insights into the art form’s nuances and techniques.

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About Semia Dunne:

Semia Dunne is the founder, president, and creative director of SEMIA Floral Design, a leading floral design firm based in Providence, Rhode Island. The multi-channel company is anchored in its approach to bringing exceptional and innovative floral artistry to life through the unbridled beauty of flowers. SEMIA has rapidly expanded its footprint in the space by delivering forward-thinking design and seamless implementation to every event, product launch, and customer interaction.  In addition to the SEMIA luxury floral wedding and event design firm, the company also operates SEMIA Studio, a floral products division and The Floral Reserve, a wholesale flower distribution hub also based in Providence, RI. Visit us at

About Art in Bloom:

Art in Bloom is an annual exhibition held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, celebrating the enchanting relationship between art and flowers. Through a captivating display of floral arrangements inspired by the museum’s collection, Art in Bloom invites visitors to experience the beauty of nature through the lens of art.

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